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  1. chazza

    Mới Tập Cầu Lông

    I want a coach to teach me badminton.
    I live in District 5, Quan 5. HCM,
    My vietnamese is very very limited. Im currently studying Vietnamese at the moment.
    However I Just want to learn badminton, I have been playing badminton for about 6 months before I stopped. I'm still very new.

    Can any coach or trainer help me?


    huynhtrithinh thích bài này.
  2. leduy7

    VĐV Bán Chuyên

    You could find a coach in Phu Tho stadium that is located on the Ly Thuong Kiet street, it is not really far from District 5.
    One more suggestion is to contact the coach in this forum,
    http://www.vnbadminton.com/threads/...lop-thuong-nien-va-lop-he-2013-q-1-5-10.4884/, here is one of quite good coach. Try to contact the topic owner, he could speak English and Indonesian and he's been teaching in district 5 also.
    Good luck bro.
    huynhtrithinh thích bài này.

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