Vợt cầu lông Babolat X-Feel Lite R

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    Sensational control

    Very flexible shaft and even balance for high level of manoeuvrability and control.

    Composition : Hot-Melt Graphite + Tungsten
    Weight: 82g
    Head size: 360cm²
    Balance point: 285mm
    Length: 675mm
    Flexibility: Very Flexible

    Metric Flex
    A revolutionary shaft with different levels of flixibility depending on the angle to maximize power while maintaining optimum precision.
    HG Tech II
    More Feel Stiffer grommets match up with centered hits. A technology developed by Babolat for better feel at the shuttlecock's impact.
    GT Technology
    More Power Hybrid material, combining braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments. Greater stiffness concentrated in the racquet head boost both power and control.
    Pilot System
    More Precision Thanks to the two moulded stripes on the top of the grip, you'll get a natural and immediate mark to increase your precision and speed on decisive shots.
    20x21 stringing pattern
    More Spin Innovation by Babolat : 20 mains crosses instead of 22 and 23 in a traditional stringing pattern improve the grip and allow more spin.
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